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Weight Loss Programs & Products Based in Hawthorne, New Jersey

Stop trying all those diets. When you bounce from diet-to-diet, you are harming your body more than helping it. There is a diet that is just for you at The Institute for Medical Weight Loss and Nutrition. Our company in Hawthorne, New Jersey, specializes in medically supervised and non-surgical weight loss programs and products.

Weight Loss Programs & Products
At our company, we have partnered with select businesses to provide you with different individualized diet programs and products. This gives you different options that are able to work best with your body. Positive changes occur quickly. In addition to losing weight, you improve your health and learn healthier eating and activity skills. This gives you the knowledge to manage your weight long term.

Dooctor, Weight Loss Products in Hawthorne, NJ

Doctors, Weight Loss Products in Hawthorne, NJ


• OPTIFAST® • Meal Replacement • Body Mass Testing • DNA Testing

DNA Program
In addition, a DNA and body mass testing allows us to provide you with a very specific plan to your body. This is a non-surgical plan that uses your DNA to determine the diet. 

From CBS News - May 10 2012:
Finding out which foods are best suited to your body chemistry could be answered in a simple test, making the ultimate weight-loss solution tailoring your diet to your DNA. A simple swab  may hold the answer to your diet problem.

The test is easy. We collect a DNA sample from inside your cheek and send it for analysis. The results return in about two weeks. To get the most out of it, we go over your results with you to determine your best course of action. For more information read the full story.

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